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Israel Hayom Publishes Ambassador Gao Yanping's Article Entitled "The Chinese Dream: A Dream China Shares with the World"


On September 2, 2013, Israel Hayom, Israel's largest-circulation newspaper, published Ambassador Gao Yanping's Article Entitled “The Chinese Dream: A Dream China Shares with the World”. The full text is as follows:

The Chinese Dream: A Dream China Shares with the World


Dream, simple word as it is in the dictionary, embodies mankind’s beautiful vision of the future as well as the great aspiration to change the world. Now the Chinese Dream is becoming a hot topic in China and beyond, and has become a key word to interpret the direction of China's future development.

The Chinese Dream, which is, to achieve prosperity of the country, rejuvenation of the nation and happiness of the people, is the dream of the country, of the nation and of the people.

In November 2012, the CPC Central Committee set ambitious goals at its 18th Congress. By 2020, China’s GDP and per capita incomes for urban and rural residents will double the 2010 figures. When the Communist Party of China celebrates its centenary, the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects will be completed. When the People's Republic of China marks its centennial, China will become a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious. This is the roadmap to realize the Chinese Dream.

The Chinese government regards economic development as its central task, and will continue to promote the reform and opening up. By the measures of industrial restructuring, stimulation of domestic demand and innovation-driven development, we will maintain a stable and healthy economic growth. China will not only increase the income of the people, but also seek to ensure that all could enjoy fresh air, clean water, safe food, easy health care, good housing conditions and high-level education.

The realization of the Chinese Dream is inseparable from the help of friends all over the world where peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit have become the trend of the times. The Chinese Dream will, in turn, benefit all the peoples. China's integration into the world brings to China more opportunities of development, and China's development brings new opportunities to the world. It is projected that in the coming five years, China’s imports will reach around $10 trillion, its outbound investment $500 billion, and the number of its outbound tourists may well exceed 400 million, 50 times of Israel’s total population. We sincerely hope that the realization of the Chinese Dream and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will make great contributions to the development of mankind in the “global village”.

China and Israel share a long history of friendship. Since the establishment of the Sino-Israeli diplomatic ties, the friendly cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win progress is always the mainstream and trend of our relations. China has become Israel's third largest trading partner. The two-way trade volume increases almost 200 times compared with that of the year of 1992, from a little bit more than $50 million to almost $10 billion. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a successful and fruitful visit to China last May, which injected new impetus to the development of Sino-Israeli relations. Now Sino-Israeli relations are at a new historic starting point. Pragmatic cooperation between our two countries is carried out in an all-dimensional and multi-level way.

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to Sino-Israeli relations, and has determined to work hard for further pragmatic cooperation in various fields. I hope Israel could seize the opportunities the Chinese Dream brings to Israel and make the Chinese Dream our common dream. I am well convinced that so long as we make continuous efforts together, the Chinese Dream will surely unlock our potential, and bring a brighter future for Sino-Israeli relations!

The writer is the People's Republic of China's ambassador to the State of Israel.


Ambassador Gao Yanping's article can be found on the website of Israel Hayom both in Hebrew and English.

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