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Delegation of Development Research Center (DRC) of State Council Visits Israel

On September 6, Ambassador Gao Yanping met the delegation from Development Research Center (DRC) of State Council headed by Mr.Hou Yunchun deputy director of DRC in her residence. Mr. Han Jun, Science and Technology Counselor of the Embassy of China, was present.

Ambassador Gao (fourth from right) and Mr. Hou Yunchun (Fifthfrom left)

Ambassador Gao briefed the delegation the friendly bilateral relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties 20 years ago, and Israeli scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation. She stressed that Israel has obvious advantages of technologies and innovation, Israeli successful achievements of technological innovation and Industrial research and development are worthwhile for China to learn in building our country into an innovation-oriented country.

Mr. Hou said, as the State Council's policy research and strategic advisory body, the Development Research Center is interested in the impressed in Israeli innovative ideas, policies and mechanisms, which have strongly impressed the delegation during this visit.


During the visit, the delegation also visited the R & D Center of the Israeli Ministry of Industry Trade and labor, and Weizmann Institute of Science.

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