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Chinese Academy of Sciences Delegation visits Israel

     From 26th to 29th March, the delegation from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) headed by Mr. Bai Chunli, the President of CAS, visited Israel. On 27th March, Ambassador Gao Yanping met with the delegation in her residence, Mr. Zhou Guolin, Science and Technology Counselor of the Embassy of China, was present.


     Ambassador Gao briefed the delegation the 20-year-development of friendly bilateral relations and Sino-Israel cooperation in the field of science and technology since the establishment of the diplomatic ties between China and Israel, stressed that Israel is a superpower in science and technology, especially in technological innovation. There is a huge potential for the two counties to cooperate. She suggested the CAS should further strengthen Sino-Israel cooperation in science and technology for the benefits of the two peoples and the two nations.

     Mr. Bai said the CAS began scientific and technological cooperation with Israel in 1989 before the official diplomatic relations established. Since then, the CAS and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (IASH) have carried out fruitful cooperation by means of joint R&D projects, personnel exchanges and so on. He emphasized that the CAS will continue to deepen the scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation with Israel so as to further promote the friendly relations of the two countries.

     During the visit, Mr. Bai attended the Third International Nano-technology Conference and delivered a keynote speech, met with Prof. Ruth Arnon, the President of IASH, visited Weizmann Institute of Science and Soreq Nuclear Research Center, etc..

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