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Tibet regional chairman Qiangba Puncog speaks on violence in Lhasa(2)

                                             Any secessionist attempt in Tibet doomed to fail
      Any secessionist attempt to sabotage Tibet's stability will not gain public support and will fail, Qiangba Puncog, Tibet Autonomous Regional Government chairman, told reporters in Beijing on Monday. He was remarking on violence in Lhasa on March 14.

    The chairman said that the riot was the result of a conspiracy by followers of the Dalai Lama.

    "People of all ethnic groups in Tibet have expressed their outright indignation and condemnation of the outrage," he said.

    He told the media that the regional government had organized public security personnel, armed forces and other authorities to extinguish fires and ensure that injured people were hospitalized. The government had also stepped up security at schools, banks and government institutions and would clamp down on any violent activity under Chinese laws.

    "All the measures we have taken are aimed at maintaining social stability, defending the country's laws and rules and protecting Tibetan people's rights and interests," Qiangba Puncog said.

    He said that calm and social order had been restored in Lhasa.

                                               Lhasa riot out of conspiracy

    Hesaid here Monday that the latest riot in Lhasa was out of conspiracy jointly made by domestic and overseas separatists who are advocating "Tibet independence".

    The Dalai clique masterminded, well planned and carefully organized the severe violence on March 14 in Lhasa, Qiangba Puncog said, citing that the rioters' activities were "crime".

    The chairman said some monks threw stones at patrolling police Friday morning near Ramogia Monastery in Lhasa, which was followed by wider attacks of local mobs to not only law enforcers but also ordinary people and businesses.

    Qiangba Puncog said the Friday riot was a sequel to the illegal gathering as well as verbal and physical assaults of unidentified people to the law enforcement on March 10, also in Lhasa.

                                              Tibetans to firmly combat splitting efforts

    He said that the Tibetans will firmly fight against splitting efforts, safeguard the unified motherland, and keep social stability.

    Qiangba Puncog said the separatists' intention which destabilizes Tibet would never win hearts and minds of the Tibetans, and is therefore doomed to failure.

    "I believe," he said, "the autonomous regional government, under the leadership of the central government, is completely capable to safeguard social stability and the dignity of law, and make sure to protect the safety and interests of all people in Tibet."

                                             Tibetan government able to guarantee security in Lhasa

  "Any plots to destroy social stability or to mastermind secession of Tibet are against the will of the people in Tibet and doomed to failure," he said, when disclosing casualty and damages in the Lhasa riot.

    He said the security personnel showed restraint in the entire process of handling the incident. They didn't carry or use any destructive weapons in confronting with the rioters.

    The chairman said people of all ethnic groups oppose secession and uphold national unity.

    "Tibet is experiencing an unprecedented prosperity. Any plots to damage social stability or to mastermind secessionist activities are against the will of the people in Tibet and doomed to failure," said Pungcog.


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