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Polls Show More Than Half of Taiwanese Will Refuse Referendum Ballot


According to the latest poll published by United Daily News of Taiwan on 3 March 2008, 55% of the respondents say they plan to refuse to take the ballot for "Referendum on Joining UN in the Name of Taiwan", 59% say they plan to refuse to take the ballot for "Referendum on Returning to UN". The two referendums are unlikely to be passed. Also, 41% of the respondents say they are in favor of a "referendum on Taiwan joining or returning to the UN", while 34% are against such a referendum and 25% have no opinion. After the first round of candidate debate, support for Ma-Siew ticket jumped from 49% to 55%, while Hsieh-Su ticket was down to 18%.

According to the poll published on 2 March 2008 by Taiwan Competitiveness Forum, 63.6% of Taiwanese think current government priority shall economic development and improvement of people's living. Only 0.4% think the priority shall be "joining the UN". Also, 46.1% of the respondents think "status quo" shall be maintained across the Taiwan Straits, 17.9% think "a peace deal for 50 years" shall be signed between, 15.3% think Taiwan shall claim "independence", 5.6% is in favor of unification with the mainland of China, and 49.4% think improvement in the relations across Taiwan Straits will help to boost Taiwan's economy.

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