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Preface: China's Cultural Policy

The target of the Cultural policy of China is decided by the basic line and fundamental task of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the socialist period. The basic line is to "lead and unite people of all Chinese ethnic groups, focus on economic construction, persist in the Four Cardinal Principles, persist in reform and opening up, seek self-reliance, and work hard to build China into a prosperous, democratic and civilized socialist modern country."

The fundamental task of socialism is to develop productive forces.

At the 15th CPC National Congress, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Jiang Zemin pointed to the development of economy, politics and culture with Chinese socialist characteristics as CPC's basic program during the initial socialist stage, and put forward clearly the development goals of the socialist Culture with Chinese characteristics. "Building socialist Culture with Chinese characteristics by taking Marxism as guidance, aiming at training people so that they have high ideals, moral integrity, a good education and a strong sense of discipline, and developing a national, scientific and popular socialist culture geared to the needs of modernization, of the world and of the future. To do this, we should persist in arming the whole Party and educating the people with Deng Xiaoping's Theory. We should strive to raise ideological and ethical standards and the educational, scientific and cultural levels of the whole nation. We should adhere to the orientation of serving the people and socialism and the principle of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thoughts contend, laying emphasis on progress and boosting academic activities, art and literature. We should foster socialist ideology and ethics by basing ourselves on China's reality, carrying on the fine cultural traditions handed down from history and assimilating the advantages of foreign culture." This is the comprehensive summary of the basic goals of the cultural policy to be upheld by China in the long run.  

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