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The Response to Mr. David Friedman's China-related Remarks by the Chinese Embassy in Israel
        The Chinese Embassy in Israel noticed that during an interview with local media in the eve of leaving his post, Mr. David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel spread a fallacy of so-called China threat and slandered China-Israel mutual-benefit relationship. The Embassy is strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposes Mr. Friedman's remarks and would like to make the following responses:
        Mr. Friedman smeared that China is a threat to the world. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It is a consensus among most countries in the world that China brings opportunities rather than threats. China is committed to a path of peaceful development and brings peace to the world. China never provoked a war or took an inch of other's land. China maintains steady growth and brings certainty to world economy. In 2020, China achieved a rapid recovery and registered a robust growth, acting as the anchor of world economy. China unswervingly adheres to opening-up and brings development for other countries. With a GDP per capita exceeding 10,000 dollars and a medium-income group of more than 400 million people, China offers a broader market and chances to win-win cooperation for every country.
        Mr. Friedman repeated the same old mantra that investment from China is malicious. Over the past few years, several US politicians had been labeling Chinese products, investments and even personnel with the tag of "security risks" without any concrete evidence. People can't help wondering if there are ulterior motives behind these accusations.
        As innovative comprehensive partners, China and Israel share similar cooperation ideas and draw strength from each other. Our cooperation delivered tangible benefits to both our peoples. Chinese companies brought cost-effective labors that are much needed by Israel's construction endeavour and provide a large number of job opportunities. Our innovative cooperation in technology fields opened the largest market in the world for Israel's most advanced products. Since 2020, despite setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic, our steps forward were not halted. In 2020,our bilateral trade amounted to 15.85 billion USD, a 20% year-on-year rise, from January to November. Export from Israel to China even registered a 27.3% growth against the global trend, reaching 5.79 billion USD. It's fully proved that our cooperation is of great resilience and potential.
        Be it in the field of infrastructure construction or innovative investment, China-Israel cooperation is nothing else than normal business practice based on supply and demand. Projects led by Chinese companies are advanced with open and transparent bidding procedure in Israel. They abide by Israeli laws and regulations strictly. The truth speaks for itself. China-Israel cooperation features mutual-respect, equality and win-win spirit with no geopolitical agenda hidden, no political strings attached and no threat to Israel's national security imposed
        We believe that our Israeli friends have the wisdom to distinguish lies from truth and China-Israel Cooperation is solid enough to withstand inward blows. As a sincere friend, China is willing to cooperate with Israel across the board and will stay committed to pushing the China-Israel Innovative Comprehensive Partnership even farther in the future.
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