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Under the Leadership of the Communist Party of China, China Is An Opportunity, Not A Challenge

Recently, a handful of American politicians like Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, in total disregard of history and facts, accusing the Communist Party of China as “the challenge ... to the entire world”. The Chinese Embassy resolutely opposes this groundless accusation.

China, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has always been promoting world peace, contributing to global development, and safeguarding the international order. Since its founding 70 years ago, the People’s Republic of China has been following the path of peaceful development, and it has never started any war or occupied an inch of the land of others. Rather, it has increased the per capita income of the Chinese people for more than 60 times. Over 850 million people were lifted out of poverty, contributing over 70 per cent to global poverty reduction. For more than 10 consecutive years, China has contributed to over 30 per cent of global GDP growth. China is also the second-largest contributor to the UN regular budget and peacekeeping operations and has sent the largest number of peacekeeping force among permanent members of the UN Security Council.

China, under the leadership of the CPC, has been fighting the COVID-19 and carrying out the largest emergency humanitarian operation in the history of the People's Republic. A 2-billion-yuan special fund had been set up to fight COVID-19, medical supplies had been provided to more than 150 countries and international organizations, and 29 Chinese medical teams had been sent to 27 countries. China pledged to make COVID-19 vaccines global public goods, and suspended principal and interest repayments on the debts of 77 developing countries due from May 1 to the end of this year. These measures are widely commended by the international community. How could anyone accuse this party and government as a challenge to the world?

Regarding China and Israel, we are different in size, system and culture, but we have maintained relatively good relations with the focus on friendship and cooperation. Looking into the future, the Chinese side is ready to keep working with the Israeli side on the principles of equality, mutual benefit, mutual understanding and mutual respect, so as to further elevate our Innovative Comprehensive Partnership and bring greater prosperity to our peoples.

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