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The Chinese Embassy Issues the Special Edition Magazine on China-Israel Relations with the Jerusalem Post

   On October 19th, Jerusalem Post, the largest English newspaper in Israel issued a Special Edition Magazine on China-Israel relations with the Chinese Embassy in Israel.


   Chinese Ambassador Zhan Yongxin and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin send greetings for the Magazine. Ambassador Zhan writes that, though separated by the vast Eurasia continent, the Chinese and the Jewish people, two great nations with time-honored histories, have enjoyed friendly exchanges for over 1,000 years. Since the founding of diplomatic ties, China-Israel relations have been breaking new grounds. In particular, Prime Minister Netanyahu made a successful visit to China in 2017. During which, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Netanyahu jointly announced the establishment of the China-Israel Innovative Comprehensive Partnership, and opened a new chapter of our cooperation.

   Ambassador Zhan writes that, China's development has also entered into a new era. China will redouble its reform and opening-up endeavor and cultivate greater common interest with countries across the world. No matter how China grows, we will remain as a contributor of the free and open global economy and stay committed to working with all countries for a new type of international relations and a community of shared interests for all mankind. I have no doubt that China, in the new-era, will create more opportunities for Israel and all other countries, and China-Israel cooperation will embrace an even broader and brighter future with more tangible benefits for our peoples.

   President Rivlin writes that Israel and China are nations of ancient cultures and we share a long history. We,the Jewish people, will never forget the welcome shelter our brothers and sisters found in China when they fled from the terrible dangers in Europe during the Second World War. Since the founding of diplomatic relations, we are very glad to note that the relations and the cooperation have been developing and expanding to the great mutual benefit of both nations. Israel and China share a blend of innovation and inspiration. China has the Chinese Dream and we have the Israeli Hope. I believe that together we can imagine a wonderful future.

   President Rivlin writes that we are also following with great interest President Xi's exciting Belt and Road Initiative. This is a vision that reflects the ability of people to connect and work together across the world, to build bridges for all peoples, and eventually a better future for all.

   The Special Edition Magazine also includes over 10 articles from the Chinese Embassy in Israel, Israeli officials and friends of China from all sectors of Israeli society. It gives an all-round introduction of China-Israel Innovative Comprehensive Partnership, the two countries' joint endeavor in building the Belt and Road as well as the progress in the areas of political exchanges, economy & trade, culture, education, science & technology,tourism and etc.

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