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For Visa To Macau SAR

A. Visas are required for citizens from Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam to enter Macau SAR of the People's Republic of China. However, the diplomatic passport holder from the above-mentioned 6 countries can enter Macau SAR without visa. 

B. For the citizens of other countries, they can either enter Macau SAR without visa or make an entry permit (visa-upon-arrival) application upon their arrival at Macau. For detailed information, please visit the website of Macau Identification Department. 


C. Visa application can be submitted at the Chinese Embassy. As all the application documents should send to Macau Identification Department for approval.


D. Requirements:

a. visa application form.

download the application form:


b. copy of the passport or travel document including the used visa pages.

c. Financial certificate, such as bank statement.

d. Employment certificate.

e. Hotel reservation and round trip air-ticket.

f. certificate of the trip purpose:

Tourism – receipt from travel agent and itinerary.

Visit relative – name, address, telephone number and residence certificate of your relative in Macau.

Study – enrollment certificate from the university in Macau

Employment – employment permit from the department concerned of Macau SAR

Reunion – certificate of residence permit of your relative in Macau and certificate of your relationship.

Foreign labor dependence – certificate of residence permit from the department concerned of Macau SAR.

Business – certificate to Macau SAR for business and invitation from company in Macau SAR.


E. Copy of the used travel documents to Macau before (if you have).


F. Copy of other countries' valid visa (if you have).


For detailed information, please visit Macau Public Security Police Force website at http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/AfMV.html  ,Inquiry : (853) 2872 5488

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