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Chinese Embassy Holds 2015 New Year Reception

On February 13, H.E. Ambassador Zhan Yongxin hosted the 2015 Chinese New Year Reception at his residence. Over 100 guests from Chinese community, students and businesses in Israel were present for the celebration of the Spring Festival and the coming Year of the Sheep.   

Ambassador Zhan delivered a warm speech and extended New Year greetings to Chinese community, students and businesses, wishing them happiness, satisfaction and success in the Year of the Sheep!

Ambassador Zhan spoke highly about the efforts made by overseas Chinese in the promotion of Sino-Israeli friendly cooperation and relationships.

Ambassador Zhan said 2014 is the year for China's comprehensive deepening of reforms. China scored remarkable achievements in the national revitalization. China-Israeli relations made all-round progress and produced abundant results. He also anticipated for new progress in 2015.

The Ambassador concluded his speech with renewed commitment that the Chinese Embassy will continue to improve consular service and protection for people of all circles especially for the Chinese community, students and enterprises, and enhance consular protection for Chinese citizens and entities.

The reception went on in a festive and harmonious atmosphere, adorned with happy laughter and cheerful conversations. Guests toasted each other, exchanged Spring Festival greetings and made best wishes for the prosperity of the motherland and happiness of the people.

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