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Instruction on Legalization

The consular office of the Chinese Embassy in Israel is delighted to do legalization for Israeli citizens, Chinese citizens and citizens from other countries. The legalization has two categories: civil affairs and commercial affairs. Civil affairs are like adoption, marriage, power of attorney, birth or death, status, kinship etc. Commercial affairs include business license, labor agreement, inheritance, property transfer etc. The procedures of authentication application are as follows:

Documents to be Submitted:

    1. The documents that need to be legalized by the Embassy should be first notarized by a local notary office and then legalized by the consular department of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    2. A form of legalization application needs to be filled out by the applicant. The form can be obtained from this website or the consular officers.

    3. A copy (or copies) of the documents that need to be authenticated.

Legalization Fees:

    1. NIS 100 is charged for one civil affairs document.

    2. NIS 200 is charged for one commercial affairs document.

    3. The applicant is required to pay cash, not by check or a credit card.

Pick-up Time:

    1. The applicant will be given a pink-colored pickup note after the documents are submitted.

    2. The date for pick-up and the amount of fees to be charged are notified in the pick-up note. Normally, the legalized documents are to be picked up on the fourth working day after the documents are submitted.

    3. Upon request, the legalized documents can be picked up on the second working day after the documents are submitted. But additional NIS100 will be charged for each document as urgent fee.


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