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2014/2015 Scholarship Notice
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The Chinese Government Scholarship Enrollment for the 2014-2015 academic year has begun. Welcome to pursue higher education degrees in China by applying for the scholarships listed:

1. Full scholarship funded by the Chinese government to the Israeli government

Anyone who wants to apply for the 5 slots for full scholarship provided by the Chinese government to the Israeli government shall apply to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs by:
    Phone: 02-5303549 Fax: 02-5303303
    Email: scholarship@mfa.gov.il
    Website: www.mfa.gov.il/scholarship

2. 5 slots of special government scholarships and 2 slots for Asian studying scholarships

Selection of the above-mentioned scholarships are carried out firstly by the designated universities listed below. The candidates chosen by each university shall be submitted afterwards to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel, which will relay the overall list to the Chinese scholarship Council . Please contact your university for details if you are interested in application.

Application deadline:30 March 2014

As for the limited slots of scholarships this year, the universities shall submit the list of candidates by a proportion of 1:2 to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy.

Slots allocated for colleges are as follows:
a. Special government scholarships
Hebrew University           1

Tel Aviv University           1
Haifa University                1
Bar Ilan University            1
Ben Gurion Unviersity       1
b. Asian studying scholarships
Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)               1
Weizmann Institute of Science        1


Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel takes the responsibility of examination and verification of the candidiates , preliminarily deciding who will get the special government scholarship or Asian studying scholarship. And give the approved candidates sealed "Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship"


Aproved candidates with sealed Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship should contact universities which they want all by themselves and get the Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Offices .Sealed Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship may be needed when contacting with the universities.


Approved candidates should get on the website of China Scholarship Council and register . If admitted by more than one universities , the candidate should decide which university to study in when he/she register on the website.


Approved candidates should send all the materials to the Education Department of Embassy of China. If having gotten the Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Office , please send it (with other materials needed)to the Embassy.(If the Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Office is a scanning copy or faxed copy , please provide the Embassy with the contact information of the university ).


The candidate who send the Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Office and other materials needed to the Embassy will be admitted by the university directly .  If the candidate can not submit any Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Office to the Embassy before 30 April 2014, he /she will be enrolled as his/her wish list.

The deadline of the application of the scholarships is 30 March 2014.
Online Registration Information Platform for Chinese Government Scholarships In 2014/2015Academic Year

According to the notice of the China Scholarship Council, students who want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship in the 2014-2015 academic year must first register online and complete the information in accordance with the requirements, then submit a formal application material to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel.
    The following is the online registration instructions and application procedures:

1. The address of the online application: http://laihua.csc.edu.cn (The use of IE browser is recommended.)
    2. Firstly, The primary user must register user name and password . After successful registration, they are allowed to access to the information interface.
    3. The first part of online application form is to fill out the enrollment agency code, applicants must fill out the code correctly otherwise they can't submit the online application form. The Education Department of The Chinese Embassy in Israel is the only official enrollment agency in Israel (enrollment accepting institution code: 3761).
    4. After submitting an application form in the online application platform, applicants should print 3 copies of the application form as required in online application.
    5. Aapplicant should submit the 3 copies in print of the application form together with other necessary paper materials (also 3 copies) to his/her university.
    6. The relevant uuniversity will send both the reviewed sorting application materials together with the university's recommended list and recommendations to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel before April 10, 2014.
    7. Incomplete set of application documents will not be accepted (see Annex "List of materials").
    Please feel free to contact the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel if further assistance is needed.
    Address: 222 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv, 61060, Israel
    Tel :03 -6024597
    Fax :03 -5461787

Email: jiangyandong@hanban.com

The List of materials of applying for entrance visa for Chinese Government Scholarships
1. The Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form
2. Foreigner Physical Examination Form
3. Personal Plan for Studying in China
4. Recommendation Letters by two professors/tutors
5. Passport
6. The People's Republic of China visa application form
7. Supplementary Visa Application Form of The People's Republic of China
8. Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Office

9.Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship
10. The Foreign Students Studying in China Visa Application Form (JW201 Form)
11. Medical Insurance Certification


Instructions of the CSC Online Application System for International Students

Step1:Visit http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or www.campuschina.org and click "Application online for International Students".

Step2:Read "Tips for online application" carefully before clicking "NEXT" to the registration page.

Step3:After registration, log in with your user name and password.Choose Chinese Government scholarship as your scholarship type unless you are applying for other Cooperation Program Scholarship.

Step4:Fill in the correct Agency Number . An Agency Number represents a specific application receiving agency and will only be given to recommended applicants by application receiving agencies. It is listed in the first blank under the "PERSONAL DATA".Please make sure you fill it in correctly, otherwise you will not be able you continue your online application or your application will not be accepted.


Your 'Agency No.' is 3761


Step5:Fill in the Online Application Form truly, correctly and completely following the steps listed on the left of the page.


Applicants are required to select a discipline before choosing their majors .Please refer to the Disciplines Index ,which could be download from Help ,if you have any doubt about the disciplines and majors.

Step6:Click Preview and check your Application Form carefully before submitting it . Click Confirmation of Submit to submit your Application Form.

Step7:Download the completed Application Form by clicking Download Application and print two hard copies.

Step8:Prepare other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents (in duplicate)to the dispatching authorities.

Step9:You can make changes to your application by clicking Retrieve Application on the left of the page. But make sure to submit it again by clicking Confirmation of Submit after finishing all the changes. Otherwise , the retrieved application will become invalid and your new application will not be received either.


Please use Internet Explorer (6.0 or 7.0). Menu selection functions may not work in other browsers.

Only Chinese and English are accepted for the online application.



                                                 Introduction about The Chinese Government Scholarship

In order to deepen the mutual understandings and friendships between Chinese and people from other countries , improve the communication and cooperation in education,technology,culture and economic between China and other countries,Chinese government provides students and academics who want to study or do academic research in China from all over the world with a series of scholarships.

Chinese Ministry of Education takes the responsibility of providing The Chinese Government Scholarship , and authorize the Chinese Scholarship Council to be in charge of the admission of students and other routine operation.

The students who have gotten the Chinese Government Scholarships will be arranged in the universities appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Education.(See relevant universities list : www.csc.edu.cn)

    1.The Chinese Government Scholarship

According to the agreements between Chinese government and governments/schools/international institutes from other countries , The Chinese Ministry of Education provides them with full Chinese Government Scholarships or part Chinese Government Scholarships . The Chinese Government Scholarships include scholarships for the BA/MA/PHD  students , and general/advanced/Chinese scholar student academic researchers scholarships. Applicants should apply to relevant government departments/schools/ institutions or Embassies of China .

    2.The Chinese Government Scholarships cover:

1)Full Chinese Government Scholarship:

    -registration fee,tuition fee,experiment fee,internship fee,basic textbooks fee and dorms fee.

    -living fee every month and an amount of money for ensuring students settle down in China well for once.

    -Outpatient medical service and comprehensive fee for medical service in China

-transportation (among cities) fee for once.

2)Partial scholarships cover one or few items above.

3)International traveling expenses are not covered by the scholarships except that there are other agreements.

3.The application of the Chinese Government Scholarship        

The applicants should fill in The Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form seriously,clearly and honestly, and submit the required materials , such as certificates for diplomas,transcripts,personal plans for studying in China, physical examination forms and recommendation letters and etc . Applicants can get more informations of Programs,ways and procedures of applying, notice for the applicants , and download the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form, physical examination form from the website of the Chinese Scholarship Council. The website is :  www.csc.edu.cn

4.The admission of the students

1).The Chinese Scholarship Council takes the responsibility of examination and verification of the materials of the applicants. It is entitled to chang the majors,period of scholarships and the universities of the applicants appropriately.

2)After examination and verification , the material would be sent to the relevant universities which would decide whether the applicants would be admitted or not.

3)The applicants who are admitted would get the scholarship after the approval of the Chinese Scholarship Council. The applicants' list would be saved as a record by the Chinese Ministry of Education.



Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel



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