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Embassy Spokesperson's Letter to Haaretz On its Report Regarding Xinjiang

The Embassy spokesperson Counsellor Wang Yongjun has sent Haaretz the following letter with regard to the latter's report on Xinjiang:

I noticed that Haaretz reported Sayragul Sauytbay's interview on China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region on 18 October, 2019. What she said in the interview are purely fabrications, and the report is highly misleading. I find it is a must to write to you and make the following clarifications.

First, Sayragul Sauytbay orchestrated the stories of "political persecution" and "ethnic cleansing", and fooled the kind people by exploiting their sympathies. Contrary to what has been reported, Sayragul Sauytbay has never worked in any education and training centers in Xinjiang. In fact, she is a suspect of a credit fraud case, and still owes RMB400, 000(about 200,000 NIS) to the victims. In order to evade legal punishment, she illegally crossed the boarder and fled to Kazakhstan, and then sought refugee status in Sweden.

Second, the real situation in Xinjiang is the total opposite of what has been reported.

For almost two decades, violent terrorism wreaked havoc in Xinjiang. At its worst, there was an attack every day on average. Innocent lives were lost, including people from the Uighur ethnic group. Since a series of preventive counter-terrorism and de-radicalization measures were taken, such as the vocational education and training centers, Xinjiang has not seen a single violent terrorist attack in three consecutive years. The right to subsistence and development of nearly 25 million residents of all ethnic groups in the region has been most effectively guaranteed.

There are 24,400 mosques in Xinjiang, that means one mosque for every 530 believers, far more than the average numbers across the world. In 2018 the local GDP surpassed RMB 1.2 trillion-up 6.1%. Southern Xinjiang was the first in China to roll out 14-year free education. These notable achievements manifest China's successful policy in Xinjiang.

We respect Haaretz as a newspaper with long history and good reputation. We also believe it is the social responsibility of such reputable media to introduce the real situation to the public. We look forward to stepping up communication and cooperation with your esteemed newspaper.

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